Places I must travel

When I was young, I was longing to make travels in my country. I had lots of plans already but then during those years, I didn’t have the capacity to make it into reality. And so those plans were still one of my must do things even until now.

Speaking of travel, yes I did travel because I immigrated here with my family. Since then, I have new lists of must travel places. To name it, I want to have Hawaii vacations. I have few relatives in this place and I want to see them because I am missing them for several years. The next place that I love to visit is Las Vegas. I want to have a grand Vegas vacation. My first degree cousin is working and living in there. So, when I will travel it means that I will have a free stay at her big house. One of the things that I want to do in Vegas is to experience playing in one of their famous casinos as I haven’t experience it yet. The 3rd place that I want to visit is Texas particularly Austin Texas for some reasons (I need to have a grand Texas vacation). I do hope that these travel plans will do come true for me. Lastly, I want to visit Denver again. I know that there are lots of beautiful places to check in Denver.

Sigh! Hope to make these travels before I will be 40s or 50s. You know it is nice to have adventures while a person is still young because of excitement and energy boast. And when a person will grow old, he or she must have something to look back to – happy vacation memories.