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He wants to be a good chef

Now that my cousin is in college, he decides to take up Hotel and Restaurant Management. And that’s because he wants to apply for any available Banquet Chef Jobs either in the country or abroad whenever he will graduate. Another thing that he loves most with that course is that he will also be having great chances of working in a cruise ship and travel any places in the world. Aside from that course, he is also taking up separate culinary arts in a different school so that he will have lots of knowledge when it comes to being a good chef in the near future.



Since I love eating vegetables, this morning, I tried cooking beans, chayote, and carrot mixed with onion leaves. I just stir fry it and put little salt with soy sauce. After that I mixed it with jasmine rice. And it taste so yummy. The one who ate it was just my son and I coz the man in the house didn’t like vegetables. There were some left overs. My kid and I will be eating it for dinner tonight! Yeah!