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Yes we can join on our free days

I have a friend who keeps on inviting me to visit some places and to go with them in certain events that their kids will be participating. I told her that I’d love to go (of course), but then my priorities changed. I need to homeschool, and also I have lots of other priorities in life. I can go with them during summer vacations or maybe any school breaks but not on school days and weekdays coz I am busy with homeschooling, chores, and my work online. Anyway, I am happy that she’s inviting my kids and me. She and her family are not only my friend, but I consider them as my families coz they’ve been helping my family a lot.

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New laptop for homeschooling

I wanted to give a new laptop for my kid. And so I am looking for the best deals on laptops so that I can buy the brand that I love but with the price that’s within my budget. I am doing this so that I can give a new computer for my son’s home schooling. Though there is one thing that he is asking and that is he wants to have a regular school. I told him that home schooling is best for him this school year and hopefully, he will be in a regular school next school year provided he will behave.

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He wants to be a good chef

Now that my cousin is in college, he decides to take up Hotel and Restaurant Management. And that’s because he wants to apply for any available Banquet Chef Jobs either in the country or abroad whenever he will graduate. Another thing that he loves most with that course is that he will also be having great chances of working in a cruise ship and travel any places in the world. Aside from that course, he is also taking up separate culinary arts in a different school so that he will have lots of knowledge when it comes to being a good chef in the near future.