How To Pass On Your Cheesecake Recipe On Your Bestie’s iPhone

Cheesecake is one of the most treasured delicacies one can ever ask for. The richness of layers and layers of cheese underlined by a super crunchy base is an awesome delight- not to forget the syrupy goodness topping the pristine treat. Now, cheesecakes are a tad pricey while bought over the counters and hence a lot of people try to prepare the delight in their home only. However, whipping up a cheesecake involves lots of steps and hence there is a great demand for seasoned cheesecake recipes.

Are you a cheesecake pro who is often asked out for your wonderful recipe? You might have your bestie’s birthday coming up and it could be that you have promised to share the recipe as a gift on her iPhone? But if you have stored your recipe tutorial in your Mac you would need to convert the video guide into an iPhone friendly format. The best part is that you have Movavi Video Converter for Mac which is designed to convert files for playing on iPhone as well as iPad, iPod & several Android devices. The article here offers a brief review on Movavi movie converter for mac.


First of all, the Movavi program is able to covert both audio & image files added to video files. Then, you will be happy to know that it’s really easy to use the Movavi program and just basic computer skills would be sufficient to operate the software.

Another great bit about the Movavi program is that it’s backed by cutting edge SuperSpeed mode that allows the program to convert files 81 times faster. In fact, the Movavi software is the fastest converter program in the market. You are getting the convenience of an instant conversion here even when you are planning to convert multiple files.

Then, you should know that the Movavi Video Converter for Mac is flexible with all major video and audio formats such as FLV, MPEG-1,2, WMV, MOV, VOB, WEBM, WAV and many more. Besides, it’s also compatible with more than 200 mobile devices. It’s quite a pleasure to use the Movavi Video Converter for Mac. You will be glad to know that Movavi assures a very smooth conversion where you can be guaranteed of no noticeable change in video quality post conversion.

However, the Movavi product is not just limited to video conversion only. Before you save the product, you will be able to edit the video if any improvisation is required. The Movavi product will be able to trim & join the video, crop & rotate the clips, add titles or watermarks & even correct the basic visual mistakes.


Netbook for my little girl (supposedly)

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Computer fans

Noisy computer sounds usually comes from the fans – the more fans, the more the noise will be. Fans are noisy things but there are branded ones that come with noise cancellation technology. It isn’t something attached to the fan but it’s actually within the fans package that makes it run with less noise. The basic behavior of a fan system is noisy. So let’s just say that there’s no such thing as silent fan but instead low noise.

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Parents computer

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

My parents are not very good with technology. They had never even owned a computer until we got them one this past Christmas. My mother opened the box and said, “Now what would I ever do with a computer? You know I don’t know how to work those things.” It has been my goal to teach my parents the basic functions of the computer so she can look online and email me and my sisters when they want to. My husband went to and found out that my parents could get satellite internet in their area. They had it installed yesterday and my dad has already called me three times about different things that he found online. He said he is going to get rid of his newspaper subscription because he is going to start reading the news online. I knew that once my parents got a computer and the internet that they would really enjoy it. I just hope my mom will use it as much as my dad does. I think that she is a little anxious about trying something new. I know that she will get the hang of it soon.

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New laptop for homeschooling

I wanted to give a new laptop for my kid. And so I am looking for the best deals on laptops so that I can buy the brand that I love but with the price that’s within my budget. I am doing this so that I can give a new computer for my son’s home schooling. Though there is one thing that he is asking and that is he wants to have a regular school. I told him that home schooling is best for him this school year and hopefully, he will be in a regular school next school year provided he will behave.

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Driving my computer speakers with the small TV

My husband bought speakers for computer and I was able to use it with my desktop computers before. Until, I thought of dismantling my computer table and let go of my desktop for good, so, my computer speakers will be set aside for future use. But then, I love the brand of the speakers, so what I did, I put it on together with the small TV of my kid so that my computer speaker will be of use still. As of the present, it’s functioning well. Whenever my kid wants to view his DVD collections, these speakers will make the entire movies alive.


Saving disk space

For bloggers who have control panels for their web hosting or blog hosting, it is always good to save disk space usage whether the packages are unlimited or with limits. There are lots of ways to do it. One of these ways to save disk space usage in a control panel is to host photos somewhere else. But when bloggers prefer to host it at their domains/blogs, it is always good to resize photos before uploading it. And even if you are hosting it in a free photo hosting site, please also resize your photos so as to help those websites which offer free services.