And so this is my own life

I am always helping people out even if it is not being recognized. And now, I have huge debts. I usually make my own purchases without asking something from anyone else, and I will not say that I will buy this and that. I will also give back to my parents without asking financial assistance from anyone else since I started earning on my own. And it is the reason why I don’t have savings. If only I saved all of my income, probably, I can buy a house with at least three bedrooms for my kiddos. I am doing the so-called ‘On MY OWN’ since I don’t want to hear any other counting or any other hurtful words from anyone else.
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Yes we can join on our free days

I have a friend who keeps on inviting me to visit some places and to go with them in certain events that their kids will be participating. I told her that I’d love to go (of course), but then my priorities changed. I need to homeschool, and also I have lots of other priorities in life. I can go with them during summer vacations or maybe any school breaks but not on school days and weekdays coz I am busy with homeschooling, chores, and my work online. Anyway, I am happy that she’s inviting my kids and me. She and her family are not only my friend, but I consider them as my families coz they’ve been helping my family a lot.

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Be done in love

“Let all that you do be done in love.”

This quote inspires me and this is what I need not just today but every day of my life. Instead of complaining about life and its busy-ness, I would be inspired by love. I need to serve and work for my family as this is the reason of my existence. I am half way of my life’s journey, and I need to be inspired in love so that I can reach my destination in the years to come.

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Plain things to do when buying the car of your dreams

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You already know that finding the car of your dreams is long tedious and challenging process as there are much contesting materials roughly when you are shopping for it. In this post, you can read few simple things that might be of great help.
1. You have to do the right research.
2. Read facts in recognizing the make, model, and car price.
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With this, it is helpful to use for your dream car purchases or any other purposes. You know that doing some research is best and it can save you a lot. For first-time car buyers or even if you are not a first timer in buying a car, reading decent information can do lots of wonders.

Finding the car of your dreams with the best price that you can afford, is a good website to visit. With everything, it is always your choice!

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Responsibility of a parent to bring the kiddos out

Whenever I will bring my kids to church and see a whole family (father, mother, kids) I am happy. It is nice to see whole family with same faith lead by parents.

Anyway, I am doing my best to bring my kids to church and to bring them out. It is my responsibility to do so as I am a parent. I hope I have lots of strength every day as they cannot go out for now coz they are still kids. Hope when they will grow big, they will still have time to be with me even just in going to church.

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Boss me-50

Wow this boss me-50 is so amazing. I just love how it’s being built. And upon reading the reviews, I can say that this is worth my money as it is “responsive, compact, excellent sound quality, versatile, good selection of effects”. This is one great piece of music instrument. Are you looking for this kind of effect pedal?

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Looking for wigs? Check this out!

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