And so this is my own life

I am always helping people out even if it is not being recognized. And now, I have huge debts. I usually make my own purchases without asking something from anyone else, and I will not say that I will buy this and that. I will also give back to my parents without asking financial assistance from anyone else since I started earning on my own. And it is the reason why I don’t have savings. If only I saved all of my income, probably, I can buy a house with at least three bedrooms for my kiddos. I am doing the so-called ‘On MY OWN’ since I don’t want to hear any other counting or any other hurtful words from anyone else.

With most of my friends, they can give or send whatever they want in anytime they want to. Me, I need to work out my butt just to share. And I am relying on what the heavens will give me (the online writing that I have and will be having). That is my source of blessings from heavens. With that, I can buy things for my kiddos and a lot more. And so that is my life!

I just need to stop using credits so that I will be credit-free soonest, with God’s grace. I am so burdened with this credits that I have had for years. It keeps on repeating and repeating because whenever I need to share, buy something, or pay for my small biz, I have to use my own. Oh dear, God! Rescue me from this mess that I am creating in my life! Thank you!