Looper pedal

Based on your experience what is the best looper pedal that you’ve tried? What brand and how much is the price? Anyway, it says that loop pedal for guitar is used to record short passages and it plays back for repeating hoop. There are many brands that you can choose when you want to buy loop pedal. To name a few, there is boss RC-300, Electro-Harmonix 45000, boomerang III phrase sampler and more. How about you? What do you like most?

Lace pickups

When it comes to musical instruments, there are many brands to choose in the market. And when buying specific piece of music instrument like lace pickups, you should chose the one that is within your budget but of course always chose a good brand and the one that has good reviews. For me, what I love is this Lace Sensor blue-silver-red prewired pickup guard. The price is just right for my budget and I like the reviews. How about you?

In God’s perfect time and Everything is okay

I was like being sad because it is more than ten years now and I haven’t had a vacation with my family back in the Philippines. I was praying and talking to God while browsing online. I was also listening to Don Moen songs. And then this song just played right when I needed it most – God will make a way. I wanted to cry but I just kept it in my heart. I know God is working for my families highest good. We can have a vacation in God’s perfect time. Everything is alright and all things will be okay.

Phoenix guitarcenter

After being addicted to the newest app in the world, I am now back with my most favorite – music. I was thinking that playing that game was like a stress reliever and so I was more depressed. Music heals my soul and not the other stuffs. That is the reason why I am looking around the phoenix guitarcenter and hoping to find good prices with the music instrument that I love. I love collecting these kinds of things and I love adding things to my musical instrument collections.

How about you? What are the things that you love doing every day?

Allen and Heath mixers

Do you love music mixing? I bet you love it. I have a friend who is making her website and she is uploading all of his music mixing in it. All of her mixes sounds very good. I asked her the brand of his music mixer and it’s a nice brand. Yet she is planning to buy any of the Allen Heath music mixers as she loves this brand so much. I know that she can buy it this year as she has lots of music gigs and she is making lots of money.

IQ exam

How much is your score after taking an IQ exam? Mine is 105 and in some separate exams that I have taken I got 106. Well, I guess it’s in the normal bracket or the average one. I took several IQ test because I am thinking about this one blogger who said that IQ test are different from each other and that your score might vary from that certain test to the others. Well, I think that was wrong because I made it around 105-106 and that one point discrepancy isn’t a big issue.