Musicians friend telecaster

I am searching for musicians friend telecaster so that I can easily wrap it once I will receive it. This will be a great gift for the daughter of my friend who will celebrate his birthday this October. My friend’s daughter is into music and is dreaming of owning a telecaster and so I told my friend that I will be the one who will give it as a surprise. I know her daughter will be happy with this gift that I will give her. Can’t wait for her birthday then!

Three Things Every Person Should Prepare Before Retirement

Every person or say especially any millennial worries a lot is their retirement. Well, here three of the most important things we need to prepare for before retirement:

  1. InsuranceI put first in the priority list because this is just so very important nowadays. Without insurance, we cannot easily get things done especially when it comes to health concerns.
  2. InvestmentThey say invest wisely when you are young. Spend and splurge but don’t forget to save and invest for the future. Yes it is true that it’s easier said than done but no many young people realize the importance of investing wisely for the future. Me included. Sighs. Oh well, you have to find a way to invest your money on and reap some gold in the future.
  3. RoyaltyYou need not be a bigtime to earn royalty in the end. Every good thing you do for the other person especially your family can be called a royalty. For what is important are the things you impart to others which make them realize how great life is. Some would think that royalty is something grand and unforgettable but for me, it is actually any thing good you leave to people.

Right, here if you ask me have I ever done any of these, my answer is no especially for the first and second. However, I should say that I am still a work in progress for the third as I always try my best at being the best parent for my one and only son. Smiles.

If you’ve got other awesome ideas, feel free to drop me some love here and I’d be glad to read them. Speak soon, guys! Smiles.

Private reserve

There lots of musicians friend private reserve right now, as in thousands guitar selections from premium guitars, limited editions, collectibles and more. Plus, it is easy to speak with experts and be guided in buying the brands of guitars of choice. So, visit this online store right now and see for yourself if this is the one that you are looking for. Now, are you ready?

X32 Rack

Are you searching on where to buy x32 rack? If you do, just follow the link. As for me, I do love this digital mixer. I am a music lover and I want to have everything that I need to satisfy my hobby. I just love collecting all sorts of things that will comfort me every time I’ll be using it. Are you like this too?

My musicians friend

I have a friend who is a singer and she has a band. Every time she’s on stage, all audience will get crazy with her wonderful talents. Many call her musicansfriend coz aside from her nice voice, she can play guitar, piano and other musical instrument. There are times that she will play solo but mostly her band with play with her. I love this friend of mind as she’s very talented and she uses her talent in a good way. Do you have a friend with lots of talent too?

I’ll be tougher

It was scary and I was shaking when I intercepted two teenagers who went out from store without paying as I was out of the store trying to get after the girl who went out without paying for a certain DVD. It’s good that there’s a push cart associate who was near me and he helped me with preventing the two person of coming out from the store without paying. Good thing that girl stopped in the middle of the road and get back in the store. Then I asked her that there’s something in her bag and she showed a DVD in which she said, she’d pay for it. So, the push cart associate accompanied them to the cashier to make sure that they would pay and good thing they paid.

Upon reaching home, I shared with my husband; he said that it’s just so little. He said that I wanted to be a police and catching those teenagers was just a little incident. I told him that being a police, there’s training before I’ll be on the field. Compared to when I was assigned at the door, checking the things that people had, I wasn’t trained and I didn’t know how to use the radio to buzz the security. I was just being told to check receipts for some items and that was it.

I said, it’s my first time catching those tricky not so good people and if there will be 2nd time, it wouldn’t be that scary and I wouldn’t be shaking like I felt with the first incident.

And yesterday, I was assigned at the other exit to check for some customers. Since the floor was dirty, I’ve decided to clean as I would always do that wherever I’ll be assigned. Then all of a sudden, there was a person running so fast. So, I called him, “Hey, hey, hey!” But he was so fast that he dropped one package that he didn’t pay. I dialed the security for the first time on the radio and I told them there’s one person running out in a particular direction.

I asked them like if next time if I can intercept a person doing bad things, if I can slap them with my broom or block them but they said I couldn’t do it.

Anyway, so the next time that I’ll be assigned at the door, I wouldn’t clean the floor. I would look around and see if there’s somebody running out without paying the things that they will bring. I’ll be tougher than I was with encountering those tricky people.

Another thing is that, I am praying while standing near the door. Compared to the first and the 2nd incident wherein I was just concentrating in cleaning the floor and arranging the carts. Next time that I’ll be assigned, I’ll be tough and I’ll have to keep my eyes open with my surroundings so that I can easily contact the security whenever there will be some suspicious people.