X32 Rack

Are you searching on where to buy x32 rack? If you do, just follow the link. As for me, I do love this digital mixer. I am a music lover and I want to have everything that I need to satisfy my hobby. I just love collecting all sorts of things that will comfort me every time I’ll be using it. Are you like this too?

My musicians friend

I have a friend who is a singer and she has a band. Every time she’s on stage, all audience will get crazy with her wonderful talents. Many call her musicansfriend coz aside from her nice voice, she can play guitar, piano and other musical instrument. There are times that she will play solo but mostly her band with play with her. I love this friend of mind as she’s very talented and she uses her talent in a good way. Do you have a friend with lots of talent too?

I’ll be tougher

It was scary and I was shaking when I intercepted two teenagers who went out from store without paying as I was out of the store trying to get after the girl who went out without paying for a certain DVD. It’s good that there’s a push cart associate who was near me and he helped me with preventing the two person of coming out from the store without paying. Good thing that girl stopped in the middle of the road and get back in the store. Then I asked her that there’s something in her bag and she showed a DVD in which she said, she’d pay for it. So, the push cart associate accompanied them to the cashier to make sure that they would pay and good thing they paid.

Upon reaching home, I shared with my husband; he said that it’s just so little. He said that I wanted to be a police and catching those teenagers was just a little incident. I told him that being a police, there’s training before I’ll be on the field. Compared to when I was assigned at the door, checking the things that people had, I wasn’t trained and I didn’t know how to use the radio to buzz the security. I was just being told to check receipts for some items and that was it.

I said, it’s my first time catching those tricky not so good people and if there will be 2nd time, it wouldn’t be that scary and I wouldn’t be shaking like I felt with the first incident.

And yesterday, I was assigned at the other exit to check for some customers. Since the floor was dirty, I’ve decided to clean as I would always do that wherever I’ll be assigned. Then all of a sudden, there was a person running so fast. So, I called him, “Hey, hey, hey!” But he was so fast that he dropped one package that he didn’t pay. I dialed the security for the first time on the radio and I told them there’s one person running out in a particular direction.

I asked them like if next time if I can intercept a person doing bad things, if I can slap them with my broom or block them but they said I couldn’t do it.

Anyway, so the next time that I’ll be assigned at the door, I wouldn’t clean the floor. I would look around and see if there’s somebody running out without paying the things that they will bring. I’ll be tougher than I was with encountering those tricky people.

Another thing is that, I am praying while standing near the door. Compared to the first and the 2nd incident wherein I was just concentrating in cleaning the floor and arranging the carts. Next time that I’ll be assigned, I’ll be tough and I’ll have to keep my eyes open with my surroundings so that I can easily contact the security whenever there will be some suspicious people.

Boosta Grande

What do you know about boosta grande? Have you experience using this? It says that this is about the same “as the front end of a good Marshal or other premium tube amp”. This has lots of features with the price that is affordable. This has “transparent clean boost” which will “mildly rolls off some top end starting about 1kHz”. Is this the thing that you are using every time you will have your gig?

Decoration made in PH

It is so nice to see products which are made in the Philippines.

I took this photo several years ago. When I saw the tag that it’s made in the Philippines, it’s like my heart jumped for joy. At least the people here in the US, love the Philippine made. I hope to see more of the Philippine made products. It’s just so awesome.

Different Materials of Glass Reactor Vessel

In chemical industry, a number of devices contribute to this field like glass reactor vessel.

Glass reactor vessel is a device to be used in following process, including: extraction, mixing, dissolving, and stirring. And pressure reactor is very popular type; this vessel can conduct a reaction under pressure. There are some features about pressure vessel like shape, construction materials, and safety feature which includes leak before burst and safety valves, as well as maintenance vessels.

As a storage tank, pressure vessel is very useful both in industry and the private sector; particularly, this vessel is the unique passenger cabin of an airliner ¨C the outer skin carries both the aircraft maneuvering loads and the cabin pressurization loads.

Nowadays, most pressure vessels are made from steel which is so popular material in many fields. Steel is a high quality material and is readily available worldwide in various certified grades, sizes and shapes; more importantly: steel has a lot of advantages, for example: steel is fire resistant, does not burin and will not contribute fuel to the spread of fire; and fire parapets can be eliminated. In addition, steel can be reused after a structure is disassembled, and this structure has relatively good fatigue strength. General speaking, steel has following advantages: cost effective, strong and design-flexible, durable and safe, fire resistant, environmentally friendly and so on.

In addition to steel, stainless steel is often used in manufacture of chemical devices. Like steel, stainless steel is a very useful material and has so many benefits. At first, this material is has a high resistance to corrosion, this point is very important in chemical industry. Secondly, stainless steel has high and low temperature resistance ¨C some grades will resist scaling and maintain high strength at very high temperatures. Thirdly, stainless steel has impact resistance benefits and has a modern and attractive appearance. In addition, stainless steel can be formed, cut, welded, machined, and fabricated as readily as traditional steels. Plus, with long life span, stainless steel is the least expensive material option in the long term.

Next, let us back to the title, reactor vessel also can be made from special glass (that’s glass reactor vessel)¨C borosilicate glass which is a type of glass that includes at least 5% boric oxide. For the years, this glass is very popular in the manufacture of scientific instruments. Often, borosilicate glass such benefits, for example: chemical resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, smooth and non porous surface, no catalytic effect, no environmental risk, and transparency etc.

In conclusion, high quality steel, stainless steel or borosilicate glass can be used as good material of glass reactor vessel.